Thermaltake Dokker Mid-tower Case Review

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Gamers on a budget have learned, over the years, that compromise is necessary when it comes to finding a case that can fit an enthusiast’s needs. Many manufacturers often forget the basics and throw in a lot of features that are not necessarily the top priority, or even useful. Having enough clearance for tall aftermarket heatsinks and long graphics cards, for example, are two extremely important features to have that should not be foregone over features of convenience, like tool-less installation and aesthetic design choices, like colorful LEDs. Functionality is fundamental and trimming the fat off a mainstream mid-tower case can mean a well-rounded budget chassis.



Thermaltake is a company well known for their chassis and have also made a name for themselves in the aftermarket CPU cooling business. As sponsors of the World Cyber Games, Thermaltake makes products that are primarily aimed at gamers and have been sensitive to their concerns. While Thermaltake’s high end cases, like the Level 10 and Level10 GT, have been making waves lately, the company has not forgotten the price conscious gamers looking for a highly functional, entry level gaming case.


The Thermaltake Dokker midtower case is an affordable solution for gamers on a budget. The Thermaltake Dokker case is spacious and has enough clearance to support even the AMD HD6990 dual-GPU video card, as well as aftermarket CPU heatsinks up to 162mm tall. Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Thermaltake Dokker, the built-in HDD docking bay on top allows for HDD and SSD hot-swap functionality when enabled in the BIOS. Even though the Thermaltake Dokker comes with only a single 120mm exhaust fan, there are plenty of options for installation of additional cooling. A 200mm and a 120mm fan can be affixed at the top for additional exhaust and can even hold a dual 120mm water cooling radiator. Additional intake cooling inside the Thermaltake Dokker can also be installed in the front, sides and bottom for a total of 7 optional fans.