Azza Toledo 301 Mid Tower Case Review

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It's kind of funny when you get a newbie's perspective on computer components. I recently got a new job and started to work with new co-workers. One of them claimed to be into PC gaming a bit. Like any usual PC nerd, I asked him what kind of system he had. To my surprise, he still had a system that was about 7-8 years old. Also, like any novice user, it was broken and dying on him and he had tried getting it repaired by another novice user that potentially broke it further. I then asked him what game he plays and he replied with an old RTS game, Stronghold. I kind of figured with an old computer system it wouldn't have been anything new or recent.



This lead me to ask a few questions. Do you want to play better games? Would you like a better system? Then I proceeded with an up to date list on the newest RTS games out there, like Starcraft II, Shogun II, and Medieval 2. He started to get a bit excited at the thought. So, like any good builder, I listed off possible prices to build a nice gaming computer for him. One thing that really sparked his interest was when I started showing him computer cases. He was unaware of the style possibilities and what was actually out there. Naturally, the first ones I showed him were what I had in my possession.


One of those cases happened to be the Azza Toledo 301 Mid Tower case. The Toledo 301 is Azza's answer to budget combined with a bit of performance. The Azza Toledo 301 uses a semi tool free design. Installing any components into the 5.25" bays or any 3.5" HDDs will be completely tool free. Expansion bays and 2.5" HDDs will still need screws. The Toledo 301 comes with a 120mm intake and exhaust fan. There is also a giant 250mm fan on the side panel for overall system cooling. The 301 supports water cooling radiators up to 240mm and VGA cards up to 340mm. Front connectivity includes two USB 2.0 connection and HD audio 3.5mm inputs. Inside of the Azza is plenty of cable room with routing holes and a motherboard tray cut out for quick CPU heatsink changes. There is a total of 4 external 5.25" bays, 1 external 3.5" bay, and 4 internal 3.5" bays.