We all like variety and the ability to wow someone with one of our cool toys. In many cases, this will mostly be accomplished by how flashy or stylish the exterior is of such a possession. This is true for cars, electronics, and computers, especially among gamers. There are case mods after case mods, as well as new designs of cases from manufacturers constantly being thrust into the limelight of the computer world. Cases come in all shapes and sizes, some with windows and others without. Some come with all kinds of LED fans lit up like a Pink Floyd concert, others stay dark and subtle. There is no denying that for every individual taste in style for every user, comes a different case to meet their every hope and desire.

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The common trend among gaming cases has become lots of lit up fans and large windows to show off those expensive internal components. We are seeing more and more cases with 200mm fans or larger, and and an increasing number of lit up cases with large windows. This growing interest has led many of the leading case manufacturers to try and push the envelope as far as they can when it comes to cases. Among the manufacturers who has tried to meet these growing needs is Azza.

Azza Solano side panel powered

The Azza Solano 1000 is a superbly built Full ATX tower case. The Azza Solano 1000 features a beveled front panel with the tiny little Azza logo on it. The Azza Solano 1000, simply put, is a beast of a case. The quality and attention to detail, as well as the feature set found on many higher end cases, makes the Azza Solano a case of strong interest for anyone considering a gaming build.