It seems there is a huge 1980s renaissance taking place these days. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to spend the actual 80s in my late teens and twenties, so I got to see all of the hype first hand. Now, Madonna is making a comeback under the name “Lady Gaga”, skateboards are back in, as are bright hair colors and, of course, Converse All-Stars. There are new things happening, as well, but we have yet to see if any of them will stand the test of time, like Arnold saying “Ah’ll be bock”. “The Terminator” was a groundbreaking film. It was by no means art at it’s highest level, but few films were as memorable. The 80s ran out quite a few futuristic classics. For me, none may be as memorable as “Robocop”. I was at the premiere and, to this day, it is the only time I have been in a theater where the film got a standing ovation from the audience.




Cooler Master hasn’t been around since the 80s….but it’s very close. Founded in 1992, Cooler Master has been an innovator in PC Cooling and enclosures from the very start of their existence. With the “Storm” sub-branding, Cooler Master takes aim at the gaming crowd and is trying to push the envelope there, as well. With enclosures and other gaming peripherals, including gaming mice, cooling pads for gaming laptops and keyboards, Storm promises to “arm you for the gaming revolution”. Storm products have been met with much critical acclaim, and its seems a new innovation comes up from the Storm line constantly.



The latest enclosure in the Cooler Master Storm line is the Enforcer Mid-Tower Gaming Case. With a unique beveled nose, well placed side window, reinforced front door and red LED lighting, the Storm Enforcer looks every inch a gaming case. Gaming requirements go beyond looks, however, and the Storm Enforcer doesn’t stop there. The Enforcer has a rotatable and removable HDD cage capable of holding six 3.5” drives, as well as a removable cage for two 2.5” drives for SSD users. The removable cage allows for 390mm VGA card clearance with the top cage removed, easily enough for any of today’s cards. The front I/O features 2 USB 3.0 with MB connection, 2 USB 2.0, as well as audio jacks. Cooling comes in the form of a 200mm front intake and a 140mm rear exhaust, with a 200mm or two 120mm top exhaust fans optional. The Enforcer also features Cooler Master’s unique “Storm Guard” to help keep your peripherals a little safer at LAN parties.