Cubitek M4 Mid-Tower Case Review

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Enthusiasts on a limited budget no longer have to make too many compromises when it comes to selecting a gaming chassis. The market has exploded with many options for entry level enthusiasts, offering features that were once only available for cases that cost over a $100 or more. New companies have started up to challenge the status quo, forcing the big players to change their lineup to remain competitive in the entry level and budget chassis price points. Having an established brand name helps with the sales but, more and more, users are opting for the features that appeal to their specific needs, so new manufacturers are welcomed with open arms by the consumers, if the price is right.



Cubitek is a Taiwan based company that has shifted recently, in 2010, from an OEM/ODM business model to become a developer and manufacturer of unique PC case designs. Their company philosophy “Build something we would want to buy at a price we would want to pay” sounds reasonable, not just from a marketing standpoint but for the consumer, as well. Their current product lineup consists of four different cases aimed at various price points. Targeted for the entry level market is the Cubitek M4 series.


The Cubitek M4 midtower case comes in two variants. The Cubitek M4 is a midtower case designed to hold the latest PC hardware and support for additional cooling, while the Cubitek M4 Silencer is a midtower variant that forgoes the two side panel fan options for sound dampened panels. Even high end components, like large 1000W+ power supplies and graphic cards longer than 13 inches, can be installed inside the Cubitek M4. The Cubitek M4’s front bezel takes cues from the M4 carbine and is designed to be aggressively stylish while being functional, having perforated front covers for extra ventilation and equipped with a fold-down accessory tray.