InWin Wavy Mini-ITX Case

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With the proliferation of various mini-ITX motherboards, more users are switching to space-saving and lower power alternatives from full size desktops. These small form factor systems are also perfect as an HTPC because of their size and power requirements. Improved process and manufacturing is lowering the power consumption even further, while increasing compute capability, so HTPCs are now evolving to a point where additional peripherals, like a more powerful GPU, can be added for gaming without the need for a bulky power supply.



InWin has been ahead of the curve for some time now and has been offering mini-ITX sized cases for home use, long before AMD even announced their mini-ITX Fusion APUs. New mini-ITX motherboard types brings new requirements from small form factor builders, so InWin has updated the designs on some of their product line to reflect these demands. One of InWin’s more popular and unique cases, the InWin Wavy has received this makeover.



The InWin Wavy mini-ITX case is ideal as an HTPC due to its size and design. The InWin Wavy comes in either black or white versions and has been updated to have better airflow with the addition of a 90mm fan on the left side panel. Despite the small size, the InWin Wavy has space for one internal 3.5” or 2.5” drive, as well an external 3.5” drive bay and room for a slim optical drive. The InWin Wavy’s external drive bays can be converted to a full-size 5.25” drive bay, perfect for a regular sized DVD or Blu-Ray drive. The updated InWin Wavy also now sports a more powerful 160W PSU, compared to the 120W installed on the original version, capable enough to run a dual-core processor with a discrete gaming video card installed.