Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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t never fails to crack a smile on my face when I see a photo of what a personal computer looked like 25 years ago. I still remember being four years old and seeing the IBM 5160 that my aunt used at her office when she worked for a telecommunications company. The text on the screen took a few seconds to catch up to what you typed and would leave a ghost on the screen hours after you’ve turned it off. Back then the concept of a personal computer as a device for anything other than work was very much hard to imagine.



Today, the personal computer comes in many shapes and sizes, from handheld tablets and notebooks to water-cooled full-tower gaming monsters. For the most part, the majority of PCs use a standard mid-tower ATX form factor, although the market has been a lot more flexible these days in providing end-user components to assemble smaller form factor builds and specialty PCs.


The Sentey SS1-2421 case is part of Sentey’s Slim Series lineup and comes with a 250W (constant) SFX12V power supply. The Sentey SS1-2421 can house a micro-ATX or ITX motherboard, and up to four low profile PCI devices, as an HTPC or an office computer. The front panel LCD on the Sentey SS1-2421 slim tower case features an automatic fan controller, temperature monitor and HDD activity display. The Sentey SS1-2421 has a dark high-quality glossy finish and maintains aesthetic uniformity at the front through the use of a built-in, flip-down optical drive bezel. Designed to be slim and compact, the Sentey SS1-2421 is ideal as an office computer or an HTPC.