NZXT H2 Silent Mid-tower Case Review

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Improved manufacturing processes for CPUs and GPUs mean better efficiency and thermal performance. This, in turn, makes quiet computing easier to achieve and less costly than with previous hardware generations. Less thermal output means less ventilation necessary, even for high end components. A high airflow gaming system is comprised of multiple fans that run at a very high RPM, as well as case panels that are perforated to aid with heat dissipation. This also means that sound generated inside the system by the all the moving parts is much more audible than a fully enclosed case.



NZXT developed a quiet computing case, called the NZXT Hush, but has gone back to the drawing board to design a high performance, quiet computing case from the ground up. Coming from the success of the Phantom, a high-end full-tower gaming case, NZXT is launching a sub-$100 case that is designed to be silent, as well as have the latest features of a high-end gaming case.


The NZXT H2 silent mid-tower case is equipped with sound dampening foam on the front and on both sides. The NZXT H2 mid-tower case also has a built-in 3-stage fan controller to further lower the sound generated inside. For users with high performance components, the NZXT H2 silent mid-tower case can adapt and support video cards up to 350mm in length, once a few HDD caddies are removed, and better CPU ventilation can be achieved by removing the magnetic top exhaust cover. If eight HDD drive bays are not enough for your storage needs, the NZXT H2 also has a built-in HDD docking bay, as well as four USB ports on top, one of which is a USB 3.0 port.