The audio quality of your phone is pretty awful. I don’t even need to add a “probably”, “likely”, or “may be”, and this is a huge reason that small portable speakers are becoming more popular. Luxa2 has been developing on-the-go audio for some time, and their new GroovyT Magic Boom Box is one of the most unique solutions yet for enhancing the audio of your smart phone. Built specifically for this need, the GroovyT features “Place and Play”, allowing for connection free playback by simply placing your phone on top of the device. By using induction technology, the GroovyT can actually boost the sound coming from the speaker with no wires or Bluetooth connection. The GroovyT also features an aux input and can be used with any device with a headphone out, including mp3 players, laptops and tablets. A rechargeable li-polymer battery allows the GroovyT to provide you with 5.5 hours of listening on a single charge, with a USB charging cable included. The audio section of the GroovyT features two 1.5” drivers to add far greater depth and volume to your sound on the go.

Luxa2 GroovyT Wireless Speakers

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Price Point

Price: $14.99 USD (Get it at Amazon)

Class: Budget

At a price point of $14.99, the Luxa2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box is in the Budget category of audio.

Reviewer's Opinion

Luxa2 aims the GroovyT to be a simple, inexpensive device that allows you to take your music with you anywhere, with just about any source; and they absolutely nailed it. The use of “Place and Play” is positively brilliant here. Simply setting your phone on top of the GroovyT with the speaker aligned is all it takes. What could possibly be simpler? Want to use an iPod/tablet/laptop/etc….one aux cord from the headphone out to the GroovyT is all it takes.

Is the sound quality of the GroovyT phenomenal? Well, no, but it is significantly better than what would be expected from a piece in this price class and certainly surprised me. In all reality, it was quite a step up from the speakers in my laptop and, obviously, a huge step up from any phone. The volume achieved by the GroovyT is also surprising. Using the “Place and Play” also gets you noticeably more volume than the aux cable. However, using the aux gets you noticeably better sound quality, as you are taking the limitations of your phone’s speaker out of the equation.

As a simple solution to making your phone's audio significantly better, the GroovyT is hard to beat. It’s small enough to take with you easily, the battery lasted just over thirty minutes longer than the claimed 5.5hr in our tests and the sound quality is surprisingly good. Everything you need is included, even the aux cable. After a few listens, you may well find yourself using the GroovyT for more than your phone – it is a perfect companion for mp3 players (with or without an “I” in the name), and is going to be a nice sound upgrade for many laptops and ultrabooks. Luxa2 has been making some really cool, overachieving products since their introduction, and the GroovyT definitely follows that path.



  • Better Than Anticipated Sound Quality
  • Incredibly Simple Operation
  • No Connection Required For Most Smart Phones
  • Aux Input Can Be Used With Any Device With Headphone Output
  • 5.5 Hours Playback On A Full Charge
  • Lightweight and Small For Great Portability
  • Available in Black And Red
  • Perfect for Smart Phones, Tablets, Portable Music Players
  • Li-Polymer Battery for Longevity and Durability



  • Aux In Offers Better Sound Quality, But With a Loss of Volume


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