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During the last week I saw a video of a woman hear for the first time ever, she had been deaf since birth. In the same weeks time I had to take my grandfather to the optometrist a few times because he had lenses implanted in his eyes years ago, but they tore loose from his cornea, and now his eyes are bleeding, so he has to go get shots directly in his eyeball. It got me thinking, would I rather be deaf or blind? I honestly couldn’t come up with much of an answer to that but I think I would rather be deaf, even though I love music, and I think gaming would be much harder, I suppose it would be impossible if I were blind.

GAMDIAS HEPHAESTUS 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset


Sometimes I think we forget just how much we, as humans (and really all animals), depend on hearing to alert us to things we cannot see yet. That is especially true in gaming where sight and hearing are really the only senses we have. A perfect example is in the game DayZ, as I run around and try to find some food and drink, I am often alerted to other people’s presence by their gun shots or footsteps or one time a guy stopped to eat right outside a room I was in. He died a glorious death. The point is just that being able to hear clearly and know which direction sound is coming from is extremely important, so a great set of headphones can make or break a player.

GAMDIAS HEPHAESTUS 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset


The GAMDIAS Hephaestus 7.1 simulated surround sound headphones are one of GAMDIAS top entries into the gaming audio bracket. The Hephaestus by GAMDIAS sports large comfortable over the ear cups that have aluminum heat sinks built in to dissipate heat from your head. The cable is 2.5 meters in length, fully braided, and attaches via a gold plated USB. The cable has an inline control which is about 2 feet from the ear cup, just right to sit in your lap or attach via the built in clip to your shirt. The controller has volume up and down and a mic mute, of course, but it also has a switch for the vibrating ear cups to be set to off, low, or high. The Hephaestus have a frequency range of 20-20KHz, a 32 ohm impedance, and sensitivity of 117db plus or minus 4db at 1KHz. The impedance of the drivers is rated at 32Ohms, and the magnets used are NdFeB. The microphones frequency range is 100 ~10KHz with an impedance of 2.2K Ohms. The overall dimensions measure 232 x 100 x 216mm (LxWxH). The software required is the GAMDIAS EOS, which is available for download at the GAMDIAS website.