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How much has your phone usage elevated over the last couple of years? I’m not referring to talk time, or even necessarily communication, I am referring to the actual amount of time the phone is in your hand or in use out of your hand. You know, the games, the social media, the web browsing and the media playback. Services like Pandora, Spotify and Netflix have absolutely boomed on phones, while increased storage has made it easy to simply move a good amount of music right onto your phone. But there is a shortcoming; most phones, to put it ever so gently, don’t sound very good in playback by themselves. Then there's that whole battery drain issue to contend with from playing media. So, what you wind up needing is a small portable speaker with great sound…and it would be nice if it could use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly….and offer a good amount of playback time….and while we are at it, it would be nice if it could charge your battery without needing to be plugged in. Does that sound impossible? To Luxa2, it sounds like their new GroovyW.


The Luxa2 GroovyW is an absolute Swiss Army Knife of addons for your smartphone, featuring audio playback by Bluetooth or hardwire, speakerphone, wireless Qi charger, wired charger and battery bank. There is even an app for the Lux2 Groovy W which adds a five-band EQ, powerful music player, and internet radio. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the GroovyW features NFC for pairings as simple as placing your phone on top of the player. The GroovyW’s playback portion features easy to use, illuminated soft-touch controls, 10 hour playback on a single charge and incredibly rich sound for a small package. The included battery pack features wireless Qi charging from its 4000 maH li-polymer battery, as well as wired charging and the ability to boost playback time to thirty hours. When paired, the GroovyW can also act as a speakerphone. USB to mini-USB and 3.5mm audio cables are included to provide connectivity for almost any scenario.

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