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Even though I am often among the first to embrace new technologies, I am still a purist in many respects. It could be due to having been through "the next big thing" so many times, only to have it end with dismally disappointing results. It could also stem from many of the newer technologies being skewed wholly for cost and convenience rather than quality, and convenience being the deciding factor on the item's popularity. But, if the entire fast food industry was built off this concept, it can obviously be brought over to technology.

Bitfenix Flo Headset


Thankfully, most of the time it is easy to tell which of the manufacturers of a technology are developing and which are merely jumping on the bandwagon in an area they have little experience with. For example, with gaming booming right now we are seeing a ton of gaming peripherals coming at us from all sides. Legendary audio headset manufacturer Sennheiser has even crossed over to meet the needs of the gamer with high-end, gaming specific headsets. This actually makes perfect sense, or at least more sense than say....G. Skill marketing a gaming headset. These types of crossovers rarely work out well, but there are certainly notable exceptions. When you think of ASUS, audio is likely not your first thought. However, ASUS designs and manufactures quite a few highly acclaimed high-end audio pieces that are not all PC dependent. We all know BitFenix for their cases, and now they are looking to join the list of crossover exceptions with their first audio piece, the Flo headset.

Bitfenix Flo Headset


With four colors (blue, red, black and white) available in a sleek minimalist design, the BitFenix Flo headset offers up great looks without being overbearing. But looks aren’t all the BitFenix Flo has going for it, with 40mm neodymium magnet drivers using a closed chamber design for clean, precise sound reproduction. The Flo has a rated frequency response of 20hz-20khz and 64 ohm impedance, however the higher impedance is offset by a highly efficient design, making it a perfect companion for mobile devices. The Flo includes a detachable flexible mic for two way communication on PC, and is even compatible with most smart phones right out of the box. The Flo’s included cable system includes a 1m dedicated audio cable aimed at mobile device use, a 1m headset and mic cable with inline volume control and mute and a 2m PC extension cable. BitFenix backs the Flo with a 1-year warranty.