”American Hustle” ain’t got nothing on me. They don’t even get it right, neither did “Saturday Night Fever”, even though that was closer. Man, there was nothing like the feeling of a Saturday night back in ’78. Spend the afternoon getting a touch up on your perm and a trim on the ‘stache, do a little shopping for your night at Studio 54 and get ready to get funky. Forget that Bee Gees noise, man, we were ready for some Earth, Wind & Fire, hiding behind some big brown lensed aviators with the gold rims. And the leader of the crew, Funkman, was always there…..

Func HS-260 Headset


Funkman knew the game. We are talking from every angle. He could outdance Travolta while he was layin’ a beatin’ on a thug harder than John Shaft. He had lapels so wide and platforms so high that people mistook him for a 747, and so many gold chains that Mr. T used to write to him for fashion advice. He knew how to look good, and those suits were tailored for a perfect fit so he was always comfortable, no matter which way the dance floor took him. “Ergonomics are next to funkiness”, he used to say. And Funkman knew his tunes He was the first one to say “I don’t care what the charts say, Michael McDonald ain’t no Tom Johnston”. Sometimes, after 54, the crew would go back to his hacienda and he would have the tunes pumping through his quadraphonic Nakamichi system. Man, that sound was just like being in front of the band. He had every angle covered. He would look you in the eye and say “son, I put the funk in functionality”. I had forgotten all about that saying until a gaming peripheral manufacturer, Func, did just that.

Func HS-260 Headset with Ear Pieces


Func is making their first foray into the audio end with the HS-260 gaming headset. In true Func fashion, the HS-260 is ergonomically outstanding with a simple, no gimmick approach to high quality audio. The audio design of the HS-260 is aimed squarely at the gamer, yet rather than using drivers that deliver huge spikes at certain frequencies in order to deliver gaming sound, Func took another route. Func employs a 50mm driver in the HS-260 with a near flat frequency response from 20-20k HZ for greater accuracy. Absolute positioning is gained through greater clarity rather than bumping frequencies, and liveliness is attained through incredible transient response from efficient, responsive drivers that total 32 ohm resistance. On the design end, Func employs a sleek, understated design using grays and carbon fiber accents. Padding is excellent all around, including on the interchangeable velour and leather ear pads. Controls for volume and mic mute are placed on the left ear cup, allowing for easy in game adjustment without ever having to take your eyes off the game and flexible mic boom allows for easy optimized placement. Light weight and excellent comfort make the Func HS-260 a perfect choice for long gaming sessions. Detachable mic and 3m braided cable are provided for added convenience and Func backs the HS-260 with a two year warranty.