Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 300 Headset Review

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Any time you watch a space launch there's one little detail that you will always see but might not think about all that much. Pretty much everyone involved at mission control will be wearing a headset. No they aren't listening to music or secretly holding a League of Legends tournament while the computers manage the whole launch. Although that is a very likely scenario in the Kerbal Space Program, at NASA it's to facilitate sharing data. Can you imagine the pure chaos that would ensue at NASA if everyone was shouting across the room? No one would be able to communicate clearly and there's a good chance that it would end with tragedies.

Cooler Master CMStorm Ceres 300 Gaming Headset


Whenever you go to a large video game competition you'll see everyone wear headsets as they play. Again, you can probably imagine the pure chaos there would be if everyone was fragging opponents with their speakers turned up. It would be insanely loud and difficult to concentrate to say the least. So if you're a serious gamer, or even just a casual gamer going to your first LAN party you will probably want to invest in a good headset so you can dish out severe pwnage without a whole lot of distractions. Your opponents will thank you too. Plus you can secretly get your Yani fix without anyone being the wise.

Cooler Master CMStorm Ceres 300 Gaming Headset


Cooler Master's foray into the realm of gaming headsets isn't exactly a new endeavor, but this pair of Ceres 300 is. The Ceres 300 Gaming headset is designed to give you clear team communications during intense gaming and stay comfortable for long term sessions. There's a 40mm driver for each ear to give you good coverage of the audio spectrum and a removable microphone so you can use them as just a regular headset. The earcups and the adjustable headband are well padded for comfort and the earcups will also swivel down for additional comfort. Cable length is 2.5 meters with inline volume and microphone mute controls and uses two standard 3.5mm plugs for the headphones and mic. Priced at $29.99 the Ceres 300 looks like a pretty good deal.