I remember more than twenty years ago buying a fancy, fairly expensive set of headphones for a Sony Walkman cassette player. It was Koss headphones and they brought a whole new level to the terrible music that teenage me was subjecting myself to. For the first time, I was able to distinguish words from music, and could really hear the entire song as it was meant to be heard. I have no idea what the response range was, or what the ohms rating was, at 14 I didn’t care and wouldn’t have really understood if I had bothered to look. All I really cared about was that they were loud enough to hurt and drown out all other sounds while I was out running the town and being moody.



 Since those times, I have developed a somewhat more refined taste in audio, but one thing holds true, I like my music loud and clear. I know that listening to things as loud as I do is bad for me; I just keep hoping that graphene will really take off and I will be able to afford a good pair of hearing aids when the time comes. Nowadays, I do not listen to cassettes or walk the streets with nowhere to go any more, but I do still use headphones every single day. Being a gamer that loves online games and needs to communicate with teammates, I use headphones with a microphone, and I am sure I’m not alone in this. I think headphones are as necessary to gaming as the controller or a good keyboard/mouse combo. No one can stay on the move and type out directions or make calls in real time without verbal, audio communication.



Gamester Gear's Cruiser P3210 dual driver headset are made with PC and Play Station 3 gamers in mind. The Gamester Gear Cruiser P3210 has two speakers in each ear cup, which provide very clean and clear, dynamic sound, allowing the lowest bass possible without distorting the mids and highs. The 112dB, provided by the 50mm main driver and the 30mm bass driver mean that there is as much volume as a loud concert. The detachable boom mic has built in microphone "loopback" meaning that users can hear themselves talking, even in the heat of a game. The clean design of the headphones is quite appealing, and the blue highlights on the outside of each ear add an aesthetically pleasing touch. The boom mic is made of a flexible metal tubing for precise control and placement. The Cruiser comes with a 12.5 foot cord with RCA (left and right stereo) adapters so that console gamers can use them at a distance from the console, and PC gamers can route the extra cable to the most comfortable position. The cable also has a velcro strap for tying up excess cable and keeping it neat and out of the way.