RHA MA150 Earphones Review

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If you are ever around old people for longer than a minute, you will most likely hear the “back in my day” anecdotes.  These either involve stories relaying their grit and tenacity, often trekking through miles of snow/desert/mountain on foot daily, or rants about how far the dollar goes these days. Granted, the former is probably exaggeration or just dementia kicking in, but they do have a point about the latter. Twenty bucks does not go far in a grocery store unless you are one of those crazy, dumpster diving, extreme-couponing moms on TV. Electronics, on the other hand, thanks to China and their massive production capability, have significantly been more affordable now compared to previous years.

RHA MA150 Earphones


The electronics market is packed and provides plenty of options for users to choose from.  The problem is that it becomes hard to choose as a consumer when there are so many options out there.  Just with budget noise isolating earphones alone, the selection is overwhelming. A good place to start would be to look at manufacturers who have been known to provide good bang-for-buck products to begin with, such as UK-based RHA.  RHA’s MA450i and MA350 mainstream segment earphones thoroughly impressed in our previous reviews but for the under-$20 price range, RHA offers their MA150 earphones.

RHA MA150 Earphones


The RHA MA150 utilizes RHA’s signature aerophonic shape design, resulting in a greater dynamic range despite the small space. The RHA MA150 includes three size of noise isolating silicone tips in each package for a comfortable fit and effective noise reproduction. Inside the ABS material housing is a 10mm Mylar driver with a frequency range of 16-22,000Hz and sensitivity rating of 103dB. The 1.2 meter long cable is coated with a rubber material for durability and is outfitted with 3.5mm gold plated connector in the end.   For manageability, the RHA MA150 also features a Y-cable slider for cable mess untangling and the 3.5mm jack is angled at 45 degrees to minimize clearance issues with aftermarket phone cases.  The MA150 is available in black, packed inside compact, recycled ECO packaging and is backed by RHA with a 12-month warranty.