Gigabyte Fly Headphones Review

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Product cycles in the PC industry are predictable, for the most part, and growing increasingly tedious each spring. Many enthusiasts are familiar with the players and know what their next steps would be, so it is always exciting to hear news of expansion, especially if it is untrodden territory for the manufacturer. It is often a risky move, as each segment is very competitive and it is difficult to gain traction in an already crowded market. The payoff, however, is incredibly rewarding once consumers are aware that the brand they trust can maintain the same level of quality on an entirely different product.

Gigabyte Fly Headphones


Gigabyte is a well-known name in motherboard manufacturing but they have also expanded their product offering to include video cards, cases, and peripherals. Gigabyte is now continuing with their expansion to other aspects of multimedia consumer products, namely headsets and other audio devices. With their current audio product line currently consisting of only the H11 in-ear headset so far, Gigabyte is introducing a new on-ear device for bass enthusiasts.

Gigabyte Fly Headphones


The Gigabyte Fly headphones are designed to be lightweight and portable while providing powerful bass performance. The Gigabyte Fly headphones only weigh 79 grams without the 1.2 meter long vinyl-coated cable and 3.5mm gold plated audio jack. The reinforced adjustable steel headband on the Gigabyte Fly is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand the daily commute and rigorous outdoor activities. The Fly headphones’ ear cups are equipped with 40mm Neodymium drivers that have a frequency response range of 15 to 20,000 Hz and sensitivity of 122 dB/mW. Soft leatherette ear cushion covers help isolate noise and also provide comfortable fit while wearing the Gigabyte Fly headphone for long periods of time. For peace of mind, the Gigabyte Fly headphone comes with a two-year warranty tied into a unique serial number included inside the package.