RHA MA450i Earphones Review

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Earphones are available across a vast price range, starting with those you can buy for a buck at a dollar shop all the way to customized monitors for thousands of dollars. For most of us who just want something for the morning commute, selecting the right earphone that has the perfect balance of having the right feature-set, excellent audio quality, durable build and sensible price requires quite a bit of effort, as the selection is numerous and most average users do not know where to start. Usually, bundled earphones would be a good reference point but even Apple’s latest noise isolating in-ear earphone that has an inline microphone/remote costs upwards of $89.99 USD to replace.

RHA MA450i Earphones


To find the best value, it would be ideal to look at manufacturers that have been known to provide good quality audio and then dwindle down the selection further to those that have a track record of offering premium items at a fraction of the price. This should narrow down your selection very quickly to manageable numbers as quality and value are often mutually exclusive traits when it comes to earphones. Glasgow based RHA, who has a good track record of delivering cutting edge sound at a mainstream price, will most likely have an offering or two that will fit the bill, such as their latest earphone: the MA450i.

RHA MA450i Earphones


The RHA MA450i earphones are noise isolating earphones equipped with an inline remote and microphone for the Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad. The RHA MA450i’s housing is machined from aircraft grade aluminum while the copper cable is covered in braided fabric for minimal tangling and durability. RHA’s signature aerophonic chamber design used in the MA150 and MA350 is also used on the MA450i, producing natural sounds with much clarity compared to traditional earphone designs. Noise isolation in the MA450i is handled by 7-pairs of interchangeable silicone ear tips of varying sizes, including a double flange pair. Each ear tip is made of two different kinds of high-quality silicone: a firmer piece for the inner chamber and a softer piece for the flange to comfortably fit inside the ear canal. The MA450i is available in a black or white version and is backed by RHA with a 3-year warranty.