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Price Point

Price: $24.99 USD

Class: Budget Audio

At a price point of $24.99, Ineo Alienvibes S101 speakers are in the budget category for speakers.

Reviewer's Opinion

The design of the Alienvibes S101 is definitely stylish. They look very good on a desk with the glossy black finish on the front. The wooden cabinets add some weight and certainly make them feel like they are a more expensive set of speakers. At $24.99, the styling could fit into an executive's office and not look out of place. The speakers themselves are exposed and do not have any grills on them for protection. This does look nice but, unfortunately, leaves the speakers vulnerable to damage. I believe that a good looking grill could have been put in place to only cover the speakers, rather than the entire front bezel, that would add to the style and protect the speakers as well.

These speakers were able to produce plenty of volume while listening to various genres of music as well as playing games. While playing Borderlands 2, I had to turn the volume down because they were even louder than my ears could stand. While gaming, I did not hear any distortion from the speakers at all, even at high volumes. However, while listing to some genres of music, there was a small amount of distortion at high volumes. This is, of course, something that should be expected for speakers in the budget category. With five watts of power in each of the speakers, there is more power packed into these than the average speaker in the $25 dollar price range. Most of them provide three watts of power per speaker.

For the most part, the sound quality produced by the Alienvibes S101 desktop speakers is great. They handled any genre of music, along with light gaming, well. While they worked for gaming, they definitely were designed more for music listening, since they had good sound reproduction. It was also difficult to pick out which channel the instruments were coming from, so the sound filled in nicely. These are certainly not speakers that you will find really heavy bass from, but the highs and midrange were very good. The overall performance is excellent, especially when compared to other speakers I have heard in this price range.

Overall, the Alienvibes S101 speakers have a very nice look and feel to them. They produce a high level of volume with only minor distortion with certain genres of music. For gaming, the sound produced was very good though often more directionality is desired. Sound reproduction was very accurate for a set of budget speakers and they packed plenty of power in a small simple package. The need for grills to cover the speakers, some distortion with certain sounds coupled with excellent sound reproduction, good pricing, and high potential volume output earn the Alienvibes S101 speaker system the HiTechLegion Silver Award.



  • Stylish
  • Wooden Cabinets
  • 20 Watts Peak Power
  • 5 Watts per Channel
  • Solid Controls
  • Good Sound Reproduction
  • Price



  • Exposed Speakers
  • Some Distortion at Higher Volumes
  • Cables Could be Slightly Longer


HiTechLegion Silver Award