CM Storm Headset Round-up Review

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Communication is a very important aspect of human behavior and is even now regarded as a vital ingredient for empathic growth with actual measurable biological changes observed in several clinical studies. From an early age, we learn to communicate through facial expressions but with the development of language skills, we later learn to express complex feelings and intricate ideas. In the age of the internet, sharing ideas happen at an even faster rate and we have learned to use electronic tools to augment our reach and increase our influence.

CM Storm Headset Round-up


Smartphones are essentially a part of our daily lives now and just as we expect these phones to perform some tasks that were once just exclusively for computers, we have also come to expect computers to perform some tasks that were once limited to phones. All it took were more powerful mobile processors for phones to perform computing tasks and computers only required microphone and speaker combos in order to receive vocal commands. Since headset peripherals used in computers are essentially modular and upgradeable in nature, it wasn’t long before users wanted headsets that were designed for specific tasks and performs better than an average headset.

There are headsets designed for use in an office setting and there are headsets designed for laptop use but when it comes to headsets designed for online and LAN gaming, manufacturers looked at the demands of e-Sports athletes and enthusiasts and addressed their concerns.  Since accuracy is important in competitive gaming, it is also expected that the headsets produce in-game sounds accurately and augment the overall experience.  CM Storm, as one of the leading brand names in eSports, already has the award winning Sirus and Sonuz headsets in their lineup but is expanding their line further with the release of the Ceres 400 headset, a lightweight and affordable alternative for users on a budget, promised to live up to demanding gamer requirements.

CM Storm Headset Round-up


The CM Storm Ceres 400 is a stereo gaming headset carrying an MSRP of $39.99. The Ceres 400 is equipped with 40mm drivers for competitive performance and an integrated noise-canceling microphone for clear chat communication over heavy online firefights. The CM Storm Sonuz on the other hand has a pair of massive 53mm drivers for pulse pounding, bass heavy action and a detachable microphone for ergonomic flexibility, retailing for $69.99. Representing the top tier in CM Storm's lineup is the Sirus headset, which features true 5.1 surround capability through four independent drivers for the front, center, rear and sub, as well as a bundled USB external audio processor, which Cooler Master dubs the tactical mixing console, processing independent channels, and provides desktop control functions at users' disposal mid-game. All three CM Storm headsets come with a two year warranty and are available worldwide.